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    Getting a sample tested..

    I know SRCS do it, How do I go about getting it done, I have mailed them but had no reply, Best to phone them?

    Do they accept samples from random people or just businesses?


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    This is the response you'd pobably would get via e mail....

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Assay of ********* components usually falls into the regular HPLC analysis billing, which is $100.00 USD per sample. We must know the SPECIFIC compound the sample is to analyzed for to achieve accurate test results.

    However, any ********* or pro-hormone substance that has no available standard, such as one of the new THP ether's, the price is a minimum of $150.00 USD for identification by LC/MS per component.

    Also, if the standard for your sample is very expensive, such as 4-hydroxytestosterone, you will also be charged for all costs involved in obtaining the standard.

    As for protein-based hormones, such as somatotropin or HGH, we are unable to analyze these at this time.

    Single component ********* compounds (oxymetholone, testosterone , boldenone , etc.) are regular analyses, and assay is $100.00 USD per sample. Blended compounds with four components, such as Sustanon or Omnadren are $250.00 USD per sample.

    In addition, you are required to submit guaranteed payment (i.e. cashier's/bank check, money order, valid credit card)made payable to ' San Rafael Chemical Services ' prior to the analysis. If paying by credit card, please include all billing information with sample (CC number, exp. date, name as it appears on the card and billing address). Please DO NOT send cash.

    All samples, payments and contact information need to be forwarded to this address:

    San Rafael Chemical Services
    Attn: Joe Larsen
    2180 E. 4500 South #125
    Holladay, UT 84117

    We have no preferred shipping method, although UPS, FedEx, DHL, and the USPS are all fine choices.

    Please send more than 1 gram total weight (3-5 mL, 10-15 tablets) per sample. Typical turn-around times are 7-14 days, but no guarantee is made without securing RUSH payment prior to analysis. Please contact us for details.

    Please include any specific instructions you feel are needed for sample preparation and handling, as well as personal contact information (email or fax #). If you would like a signed hardcopy of the report on a company letterhead, please include a mailing address as well. All analytical results will be reported as they become available via email or fax.

    Our clients personal privacy is of the utmost importance to us, so rest assured, any information regarding test results of any analysis preformed by San Rafael Chemical Services as well as personal identification, address, billing, etc. will remain confidential and only be disclosed to a third party at our clients request.

    Thank you

    These are the approximate prices for the testing:
    $100 for 1 substance
    $175 for 2 substances
    $250 for sust (4 substances)

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    Hey Pinn- couldn't a said it better myself!(lol)

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    Just what I was after, Thanks.. I think I'll phone them up, No reply to e-mail

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