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    Clomid during winstrol

    Hey guys im nearing the end of a cycle of sustanon . Im going to use some winstrol after for a month and was wondering if I used clomid for the last two weeks, would it kickstart my nat. test production? Does this stuff work will on aas? I am using sust eod, and will be using 50 mg winstrol. Two weeks after the stop of sust I would like to start my clomid and use for 3 weeks. So i would be using winstrol aty the same time. Should i just wait until the winstrol is gone?

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    u got to use the clomid after u r off t he cycle, matter of fact u should use it 2 weeks after ur last shot of sustanon , but if u r taking only winstrol then 1 day after ur last dose.
    combining clomid with AAS will do NO GOOD.

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    Sounds like you want to do a Clomid PCT, but run Winstrol at the same time. As stated above, not a good idea. You'd do better to start your Winstrol bridge after PCT.

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