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    15-20lbs will this do it...Help

    I turned 20 in June and I am 6'5 260lbs eat 6-7 meals a day try and get 8 hours of sleep a night but I am at college so I end up with 6 most of the time and I play football. (Its' D3 so Drug testing isn't a issue)

    Suppliment history- Mag 10 (Andro) and Superdrol thats as hardcore as it gets for me but I am thinking about doing a 12 week cylce of Test E and Eq and then proper PCT

    week 1-12 Test E 250mg Monday and 250mg Thursday (500mg a week)

    week 8-12 Eq- I added Eq to the cycle because I don't want bloat and I want my muscles to be hard and ripped (I need help with the dosage)

    PCT start week14-17 Clomid and Nova 20mg

    week 1-13 Nova 10mg

    I want to do a very mild cycle and i think to start off with Test E and alittle Eq with proper PCT will help me more than hurt me. I want to gain 15-20lbs of pure muscle. I am in the gym 7 days a week (2 days are cardio and abs) and I know my Nutrition and Training are good I just want to know if this cycle will help me reach my goal of packing on 15-20lbs of quality mucle...

    Any Info about the cylce or and info at all will help alot thanks. I wan't to keep the cylce mild cause it's my first one...Thanks

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    i would be running the eq for a lot longer than just 4weeks bro, i would say run it 1-11, the test 1-12

    i like to also do some test prop for the last 10days after your last shot of enth so you can jump right into your PCT 3 days after you last prop shot and it would also be 14days after your enth. I just find it better than having to wait two weeks till you start PCT after you last enth shot and you do nothing during this time!

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    the cycle for the most part looks good. you should run eq from week 1 as eq has a very long ester and takes a lot of time to get into your system. i would just try the test by itself for your first cycle. you will see awesome gains. see how everything works out, if you react alright, what sides if any are problematic etc. then use eq your next cycle.

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