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    Is another compound necessary?

    This would be my cycle injectable cycle, my first was in last February and I plan on starting this one a year later.
    My first was 500mgs test e for 10 weeks and I made some really nice gains off of it like 15lbs after all was said and done. Do you think if I run this for 12-15 weeks I can make very similar gains or should I toss in eq at 400mgs?

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    i would toss in some eq bro but's that's just me

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    i think its definitely possible to get another 15lbs with just test @ 500mg's/wk for that long but the thing is it also depends on genetics and how much you have already developed, training, eating and sleeping habits. just some variables you should consider.

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    Yes, it is very possible to gain another 15+ lbs. if everything is in check.

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    throw a second compound in there.. I would go with deca if you are looking to get 15 more lbs..

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