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    cycle critique-this is the real one

    i'm fixin to do a mild off-season bulker- i don't want to get too heavy 'cause i'm already borderline with the amount of time i'm gonna have to get in contest shape. i'm 19, 255 at about 10%bf. i'm gonna try to stay under 270 while on the slin just cause i don't like gettin that heavy(i did it once before and had a lot of problems). growth, slin, and d-bol are all ran 5on/2off.

    sustanon 500mg/week--weeks 1-10
    deca 200mg/week------weeks 1-10
    proviron 25mg/day------weeks 1-10
    d-bol 25mg/day--------weeks 1-4
    insulin 7i.u./day---------weeks 1-4
    hgh 4i.u./day-----------weeks 1-10

    i appreciate any comments

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    i would maybe up the dose on the deca unless your just using it to lube up your joints. hgh also needs to be run a minimum of 6 months to see good results. i would also maybe extend the sust a week or two past the deca. just my opinion

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