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    Deca/Sustanon 250 Question

    Is the Deconate in Sus 250 the same as Deca Duabolin?

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    yes , same ester.

    Decanoate: Chemical Structure C10H20O2.

    Also referred to as decanoic acid; capric acid; caprinic acid; decylic acid, Nonanecarboxylic acid. The Decanoate ester is most commonly used with the hormone nandrolone (as in Deca -Durabolin ) and is found in virtually all corners of the world. Testosterone decanoate is also the longest acting constituent in Sustanon , greatly extending its release duration. The release time with Decanoate compounds is listed to be as long as one month, although most recently we are finding that levels seem to drop significantly after two weeks. To keep blood levels more uniform, athletes (as they have always known to do) will follow a weekly injection schedule.

    Taken from this thread : Esters explained

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