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    i just finished a 14 week cycle of deca /test about 3 months ago... i am looking to do a winstrol cycle.. i have got 50mg tabs and i have 50 of them... i want to cut down and loose some excess fat.... i plan to go on my diet and doing cardio.... i have noticed everytime i loose weight i drop my bench and seem to loose some muscle mass but i guess thats a given..... will winny help keep my gains... and i want to know some opinions on how you would run a winny only cycle..... thanks BigWill

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    If you're going to do an oral only cycle go with Anavar . It will help you retain mass and strength while you're cutting and isn't bad on the libido. Winny isn't a good choice to run by itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Born Threat
    Winny isn't a good choice to run by itself.

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