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Thread: propionate

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    Nov 2005

    Smile propionate

    is 1oo mg ov propionate ed ok and im taking sus eod so i was just wondering if it is 2 much as the sus also has propionate i have done 3 good cycles be4 its just ive never used propionate before thanx

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    your not being very clear. Post up your current cycle and what you want to add to it. Also post up your stats and how your previous cycles looked like.

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    Nov 2005
    my current cycle is d-bol 45mg first 4 weeks kickstart and sus 250 which iam taking eod so thats a gram a week currently into week 10 and i started propionate last week at 100mg ed so thats 700mg a week .but with the sus having propionate init i was wondering if it was 2 much a week ov propionate only got 30 days left until end ov cycle and i have 2 10ml bottles ov propionate and im still running the sus...

    height 5 10
    weight 230
    body fat 14%

    other cycles did wear mainly sus deca and napps

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