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    Question How many times till you get busted???

    I have a few friends in other countries. They send me stuff from time to time. "Free" They are friends. Over the past few months I have had a few items seized. I buy demostic, but the free kickbacks are nice. How long, if at all will it take for anyone to watch my deliveries. Most of the stuff lost is Teat-E. All 10-20 amp parcels.


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    getting "busted"

    You won't get busted, at least not for a while. If your package happens to be seized by Customs, you will get a letter on your door saying that it has been seized and asking if you want to come try to pick it up. If you are dumb enough to go try to pick it up, then you'll get busted but I'm assuming you're not that stupid. Bottom line, if your stuff gets seized, you get a Customs letter and just don't ever use that address again because it is flagged. In fact don't order or accept anything for quite a long while if you ever get a Customs letter. Just my opinion. But for the first time, don't worry. Customs just keeps your gear and gives you the letter saying you can't import that kind of stuff. Be cool, keep your mouth shut and lay low for a long time after that. Just my opinion.

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