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Thread: 2nd stack. lol

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    2nd stack. lol

    First I would like to thank people for such positive feedback on my shitty stack and guiding me to a better one. I am young and brash but I have been training with proper diet and nutrition in my choosen sport of MMA. To me this is just the next step up to help me in my training anyway here is what seems to be a good stack for a first timer.

    Test E-500mg/we for 12 weeks injected bi-weekly(twice a week)
    2 weeks off then start pct
    Day one 200mg clomid, 40mg of nolvadex
    Day 2-14 clomid 50 mg/day nolva 40mg/day
    Day 15-30 clomid 50 mg/day nolva 20 mg/day

    _thank you everyone that helped and specifically shorty
    also any advice is very welcomed
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    Have nolvadex on hand during cycle in case your nipples get itchy.

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