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    Use of Nolvadex as a post treatment

    Should I include Nolvadex along with Clomid 3 weeks after my last Deca /Test shot. I heard that Nolvadex will help the Clomid boost endogenous test levels. I know of its use as a anti-e but how about post therapy? Thanks guys.

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    Check this out Big Cat's the man!

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    Read his prfile on and you'll find out that BigCat's still a boy...

    BigCat also has some pretty controversial opinions that not a lot of people agree with. He's revered at for some reason, but a lot of other people think he's just a bag of wind... Me included.

    Clomid and Nolvadex are chemically similar. Novadex is more effective in bloccking estrogen, Clomid is more effective at restoring natural test. production. (Studies show it in numbers and most people's experiences back it up.)

    While combining Clomid & Nolvadex won't likely hurt you, I haven't heard of anybody using it that way, thus no success stories to pass on.

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