okay i don't know how to put this in words that will make sence because i am not good at writing stuff... so bare with me
Estrogen bloat is your body holding water... past i have read that when aromatization occurs water is held in your fat cells... so more fat cells (BF%) you have, more bloated you will look while taking compounds that aromatize(test-e,c,p). I have been bulking up with SuperDrol, i started at 150 pounds and now i am up at 170... i know i have gained a little bit of fat also but i can lift more.. i can bench 225 6 times and i have never been able to do that and dead lift 285 6 times... before my stats were very very low. I don't know what my BF% is but i sent my pic to my buddy he said i am about 16-18%. With superdrol i get a bloated face, i do proper PCT also. I don't want to get a freakin bloated face and axcess fat (yes i will take letro on cycles to help keep estrogen levels low) but would it be better if after i am done with this cycle of Super drol i should be up to 180 pounds and then for about 4 weeks i can take ephdrine and cut down some muscle and lower my BF% and then start my Test-e cycle with letro so i can get minimal estrogen bloat?
what do you think?
thanks for the help