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    experinced prop converters

    ok I usually dont mess around on the computer and have recently just got back to lifting after a 4 year lay off things are different ok if I were to convert my own prop with out the ba would the prop injectinons still possible give pain not that I,m scared of needles I,ve only looked on this fourm for a couple of days and people are saying the cant walk and sit because of prop I dont necessarly like prop but I wont spend 2-3 times more for other tests I,ve never had injection problems so I really dont know why I,m asking, these people sound like there in pain

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    Yes,those are my legs
    You'll never be able to suspend prop without BA.....sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


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    check out the lab forum. It shuold help with any prop conversions other than w/o BA.

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    BA is needed not only to convert prop but to help with sterilization as well. I make painless prop at 125mg/ml using 2%BA and 20%BB.

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