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Thread: Sust/Dbol PCT

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    Sust/Dbol PCT

    Im in my second week of my sust and dbol shooting 250 twice a week and 30mg of dbol for the first 5 weeks, im also gonna use winny for the last 5 weeks, im not using any nolva right now and im wondering if i should be...and i also want to know what i should use for pct...thanks guys

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    please read the PCT section. It's better explaned there then I can type it here

    nolva, HCG , Tamoxifen etc etc etc.

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    I think 10mg ed of nolva throughout any cycle is a good idea. I believe the PCT start time after sust is 18 days. You can run the winstrol right up PCT, and start PCT the following day.

    For pct a good general guideline is...

    1-4 nolva 20mg ed
    1-4 clomid 100mg

    This is very general. Every PCT will not look like this, it all depends on the compounds ran and the level of suppression, length of cycle etc.

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    if you're not getting gyno symptoms i wouldn't use any anti-e. a certain level of estrogen will allow for better gains, you just can't let yourself end up with gyno.

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