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    WTF just happend?!

    I've done three cycles so far, and today I just started my fourth. I'm using Test E, Eq, and var. Today, I also did my first quad/thigh injection. I did everything I was used to doing; got all the air bubble's out of the srynge, prepped the needle(push oil out a little for lube), cleaned skin with alcohol pad, and after inserting, APRIRATION. No blood came out in aspiration, but after I was done, a little blood came out of my leg. So I must have nicked a vein. But about 15 min later, I felt really dizzy and cold. I started freaking out! I laid down for another 15 min, and now I feel alright, but still cold. What the hell just happend?

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    that's happend to me but it was only a few second's after injection

    i asperated but think i must have moved the needle into a vain by accident and shot some or all of the oil into a vain

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    I have blod coming out all the time. The dizzy and cold are maybe a coincidence?? If you injected into a vein you would have felt it right away.

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    That happened to me on my first inject! I shot my leg here @ work and immidiately broke into a major sweat and felt faint. In fact I fell out, my buddy was liek woahahhhhh, I had to pull it together because i do my stuff @ work and the fellas were going to come back soon. Everything passed like 5 minutes later and I was fine, kinda freaky though.

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    vasovagal reaction... it happens. Your body just freaked for a second... you should be fine.

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