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    What do you guys think

    I am 6'5 260lbs 20 years old started lifting at 15


    Day 1 Chest/tris

    Day 2 Cardio abs

    Day 3 Back/bis

    Day 4 shoulders/ abs

    Day 5 cardio/legs

    Then start day 1-5 again


    6-7 meals a day I eat protien every 3 hours


    I get 6-8 hours of sleep a night take 20g of L glut a day

    My goal is to gain 15-20lbs of lean muscle

    This will be my first AAS cycle I want to keep it mild and I am thinking of

    Week 1-10

    Test E 500mg a week

    week 6-10

    50mg of winny oral

    week 1-14

    Nolva 20mg a day

    week 12-14 Clomid

    If anybody has a better first time cylce that I should use that will help me gain 20lbs of muscle please help or any way to improve this cycle...Thanks

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    Whats your bodyfat%?
    Cycle looks good.
    I wouldn't use winstrol because it drys out your joints and makes you tight, I would take anavar in its place or t-bol.

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