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    What's your point of deminishing returns ?

    At what kinds of dosages do you start getting diminishing returns so that going any higher will be counterproductive ?
    I'm talking about getting too stiff,less mobile,unelastic etc.

    Obviously not talking about powerlifting or bodybuilding (it seems the higher the better for those),just want opinions from football players,runners,jumpers,throwers and such.

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    I'd say it's really all about personal preference... If your size doesn't hinder your performance then by all means, keep on gaining. There's a certain point, however, that even lean mass will begin to slow you down. Lance Armstrong, for example, started his biking career with a much larger upper body than the Lance we see today. He credits much of his hill-climbing ability to the fact that he no longer has to lug all that musculature up hills anymore. If you don't need to be bigger to perform better and your focus isn't on the muscle that you have or end up having, then focus more on bettering yourself at the sport itself than the next cycle you take.

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    Yes,those are my legs
    How does dosage correlate with mobility,stiffness ect?


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