just switched from a fella's homebrew tren 100mg/ml to PP's tren 100mg/ml. still doing 1ml/day with 1ml/day sus250 in same syringe. never had any pain or bruising or discomfort with the homebrew but every single shot since i switched has been very burny upon injection... i have a nasty red and purple bruise the size of a quarter on my right bi, hit a nerve but have never had this happen, and every time i stick my bi's or tri's (outer head) i get this numb pain on the top outside of my forearm... anybody know what that is? the dull pain persists for about fifteen minutes after the injection... also, have had a little tren cough here and there with other sources but i have a literal fit last night... couldn't stop coughing for about three straight minutes and i actually got a little scared i was gonna pass out or something... also had the needle stickin outta my left pec just bouncin around with each chest convulsion till i could finally stop coughing enough to finish the inject. needless to say the wife was pretty taken back.
any feedback, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.