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    Headaches on Clen, aspirin?

    I am getting headaches, as always on clen . They aren't that bad and they come and go and are annoying. I am 25 and healthy so not worried about anything. I am taking 500mg taurine ED and am wondering, should I take aspirin or ibuprofen or another pain killer for the headaches? Whats the best thing to take? I would think aspirin since it thins the blood, so it might even have beneficial effects to help the clen. Any input?

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    bump... my headaches are so bad. its extremely bad when i cough too!!

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    BUMP...I get the same thing, Headaches that come and go

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    More water and potassium, and more water. Oh and more water. Fill a gallon jug, drink it all, fil it up again, drink it all. Then you have enough water for the day.

    2 gallons a day while on clen .

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    me and some other bros were wondering with no conclusion if ibuprofen or tylenol would cancel out the effects of clen . clen raises ur body temp to accomplish the desired effects but tylenol and ibuprofen lower ur body temp so take that for what its worth and make ur own decision.

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