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    Which for first cycle?

    I know ive asked this question in a previous post but...

    Can anybody let me in on the advantages of taking
    500mg/wk of Test Enathate for my first cycle rather than...
    250mg/wk of Test-E and 250mg/wk of Deca

    I figure i will get bigger on test but wont i lose alot more after the cycle, while i would keep more on deca? I dont know just looking for some advice.

    Also, which should i take during the cycle,
    10-20mg/day of Nolvadex or
    25mg/day of Proviron or
    ?(unsure of amount bc havent looked into it, just read about it) of Liquidex

    For pct i will take clomid in the 3 week cycle posted on the novice cycles page on the main page here,
    also 1 week after my last injection of what i chose to start with, i will start cycling Clenbuterol .

    Thanks for the advice.
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    500 mg test. no if u do proper pct u wont lose too much. do more research.

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    How do you figure you will get bigger on just Test but keep more of Deca ? Thats a load of BS man. Just do 500mg Test E we week for 12 weeks and proper PCT and diet and you should lose hardly anything

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    haha kale...u had the same reaction as i did about the deca thing lol.

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    id go with 400-500mgs of test for a first cycle. if you ran test and deca and started getting bad sides you wouldn't know which compound was the cause. id run novla 20mgs ed for first cycle. if you turn out to estrogen sensitive grab some l-dex or letro

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