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Thread: Ready to Go

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    Ready to Go

    Whats up guys I finally odered some gear and Im finally ready to start This is my first cycle Let me know how it looks If i should adjust anything Im 5'8 205lbs 13%BF and 20years old Been training for 4 years now

    TT Dbols 30mg ED weeks 1-4
    Milk Thistle 200-300mg ED weeks 1-4
    ALA 100mg ED weeks 1-4
    TT Equipose 400mg weeks 1-10
    Ethanate 400mg weeks 1-10
    Clomid week 13 300mg First day 100mg 10ten days 50mg 10days

    Imma inject on Mon and Thurs
    I wanna run Ameridex at .5 EOD or Liquidex if i can afford it If not imma have the nolva on hand in case of the gyno

    Im alreray preparing myself Ive been eating 6 real food meals a day Ive been training harder than ever before And im ready to blow up and hope to step on stage within a year from now Thanks for all your help And Ill let you know how my cycle goes and Ill post up some before and after pics

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    Wow. Cycle looks great, research was definately in your plans.
    I'm impressed. IMO...up that milk thistle to 800mg...I take 1g a day when running orals. ALA IMO should be in the ballpark of 400-600mg a day, taken when you take the dbols, followed by a meal.
    Get at it.

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