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    new to steroids haven't even started first cycle still seeking info

    so i've finally decided to try "roids" i'm 20 6'1 155 lbs i've lifted since my freshman year in highschool and have made pretty good pregress maxing out at 225 on bench weighing around 145 to 150 and on creatine in hs that is. my 1 rep max now is only 210 i was very active in hs baseball basketball and cross counrty. i just seemed i could never gain enough weight. i just recently started back on a wieght lifting progrm i'm into the third week of it i guess you can say i took break that ended up being longer than i indtended seening myself as puny i've decided to pick up again i've gone from two different brands on weightgainer surprisingly the cheep kind from wal-mart seemed to work better than the gnc brand. weight gainer has work ok for me, but one thing thats killing me is that it seems i'm too full from the weight gainer to enjoy a good sized meal if i try to complete a good sized most the time i will puke no joke so for the last 5 or so night i've been doing so research this is why i need help i "think" Dianabol with nolvadex is right for me what do you guys think? i'm pretty sure i've got the cycle down on what to do but all info will be greatly apreciated

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    dont cycle yet mate, get your diet in check and keep training hard for another 12 months. i guarantee you that if you bump up your calories and training intensity for a year, the gains you make will be comparative to your dianabol course. 155lbs at 6ft is pretty light, its all in the diet, as everyone here will attest. you are not ready for a cycle

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    you're at least a year or 2 away from steroids bro.......

    1. you're way too damn skinny which tells us you don't know how to eat and train properly

    2. you're gonna have to research a LOT longer than 5 day

    listen to everyone who replies to this thread'll be glad you waited.....taking steroids w/o knowing how to properly eat and train is just a waste

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    I say wait 5 years, in that time you can learn to eat, train and recover. 6'-1" get to 200-225lbs atleast before juicing. Your hormones are at their peak take acavntage of them, then after you get to 225 and juice you'll get some nice gains


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