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Thread: what do i do?

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    what do i do?

    i have insomnia ... its obvious...

    i took 1 and half ambien
    6 mg of melatonan

    and i still .... cant ..... sleep...

    what do i do?

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    first of all is it because of the roids? alot of people get it when using roids, especially fina. if your not on a cycle then go see a doctor but if you are your going to have to deal with it. there are some home remides you can try or some over the counter medicane that helps you sleep. if you work out late try to get your workout inearlier so your not pumped up before bed time. watch the caffine, suger and high fat foods before bed. you can try xanax or valium and i gurentee you that they will "make" you sleep but you cant take them everyday because ther very addictive. as for ambiem, its not a very strong sleeping pill. it works great for some but not so great for others. its not going to knock you out like a valium will, you actually have to lay down and close your eyes and then it will help you fall asleep

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    watch tv or read in bed?

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