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    tren with prop or cyp?

    i've been on 75mg of tren with 75mg of prop E3D and 50mg oral winny ED for four weeks. I am going to up the tren to 75mg eod. Will it be alright to switch from the prop to around 300mg of cyp once a week or 200mg twice a week to run until the 12th week. I will stop the tren around week 9. I would like to here any suggestions. Thanks

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    75mg prop E3D is 175mg/week. You have increased your tren dosage by 50% by moving from E3D to EOD, so if you want to increase your test by the same amount, it works out at around 260mg/week. Personally I would bump it up to 400mg and shoot 200mg twice/week, as you proposed.

    Not sure exactly how you should go about keeping blood levels stable whilst switching over, there are some calculators on the web that you could use to figure this out, do a search.

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