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    please help with new cycle

    hey guys im back about 6 months ago i was on a prop tren cycle and it worked well 100 mg prop and 75 mg of fina and on pct i did dnp i was 230 and i went down to about 190 with still some body fat but i was pleased with the results
    now that im 190 i think i have about 15 percent bf and alot of it is in my love handles i was wondering if you guys can help me with my next cylce here are a couple i was thinkin about


    any other choices just looking to define

    please help


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    first off, diet more than anything will shed the bf.

    Secondly, GH by itself is very good along with a strict diet to get bf down to where you want it.

    If losing your bf and defining is your main goal, which it sounds like, then really get your diet and cardio in check. That's the best way to lose fat.



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    yea i know that my diet and cardio are in check im on the abs diet and i love it and i do a navy seal calistenic work out every other day which incorporates massive cardio

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