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    Painfull forearms

    Guys, i need help! For over 2 months now ive been experiencing really painful forearms, particularly when training back or bi's. My right forearm is the most painful. I havent trained back or bi's for 8 wks and they still dont seem to be getting any better. I cant remember feeling any pain as a direct result of training at any time it just seemed to appear. I first thought that id damaged my bicep insertion as that is where the most pain could be felt. That is still the case but the muscles on either side of each forearm feel tight aswell. CAN ANYONE GIVE ME SOME HELP?

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    can u describe the symptoms a lil more.. I have had forearm problem every now and then and only complete rest has healed them for me..

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    i exp the same thing. i think it is a tear. it didnt stop hurting till i had surgery and didnt work out for like a month. you may need to just rest it for a while and let it heal. go to a doctor.

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