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Thread: test + eq

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    test + eq

    would i get good strength and size gains with 250mg/week test en + 250mg/week of eq.....or would i be better off going with just the test and upping the dose for my first cycle(to 500mg/week).

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    for your first cycle just do test either e or c at 500mg for 10-12 week's

    dont run EQ any lower than 400mg

    you dont get much strength off eq

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    I am running Test Cyp 200mg/wk and EQ 200mg/wk and Nolva at 10mg/ed and Avodart/ed, i am getting great rusults, I am only doing it for 10weeks. I have gained 15lbs of solid muscle and strength has increased a lot. Hope this helps you.

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    1st cycle= test e/c @500mg pw and 20mg nolva ed then pct IMO

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    yeah bump it to 500 wk of test e or c and IF you do the eq it should be around 400 anything less is not worth much.

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