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    Itching all over..My liver?

    Was up bros..Ive been off cycle for a week due to an alergic reaction..I think..

    I was starting week four of test E and Eq and woke up with a rash all over about 40 % of my body..It would itch like mad and swell red wherever I I stopped the EQ cause it was Sydgroup and I never tried tht brand before..anyway..

    I still itch at night so I quit the test last week..still itching today..funny thing is It only seems like I itch if i drink any beer the day before..and then the next night I cant sleep at I stopped the beer ..2 days goes and I feel a little better

    Then last night I droped some meridia and the itching is back...could this be my liver?..It goes away if I take that would mean its an allergic reaction to somthing right? it couldnt be my liver..or could it?

    maybe it will go away after the EQ is completley out of my system?

    Damn maybe I should do some shots of yager just to make sure?

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    do you fell tierd , are your eyes really red in the morning? itching a lot? all those together means its your liver! get it checked , simple blood test!

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