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Thread: eq question

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    eq question

    this will be my second time doing eq, im running it with fina winny, t3, and clen .....i was wondering what doseage (of eq) would be reccomended for a cutting cycle, i know that 400-600mg is standard but dont know how high i really need to go. also is there a need to taper on and off of eq or fina?

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    I dont think dosage really matters with is just how many calories u take in that differenciates b/t cutting and bulking. Eat a clean diet and u should be taper needed

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    I agree, I would stick with 400 - 600mg /week of Eq and just eat good foods. Remember the saying "you are what you eat" ? Well its a damn good thing to go by.

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    how much did you gain off eq?

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