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Thread: test e cycle

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    test e cycle

    hey whats up im on my third cycle this is by far the most ive taken my first was 10ml of qv equipose 200(good stuff) over 8, 2nd was 16 amps of omnadron 250 over 10 weeks, now i got my hands on a qv 50 ml bottle of test e and a 10 ml vile of qv deca 300, im goin crazy with this one. week 1 500mg test e 300deca week 2 750 test e 300 deca and last monday was week three 1000 test e and 600 deca its probably stupid takin this much but my strength is goin crazy, the only thing is im getting horrible tendonitis in my elbows, anybody got any quick fixes, and my appetite is out of control, ive put on 12 pounds but i think most of it is fat, any quick fixes for the appetite thnx

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    Don't keep changing doses like that. Keep a steady dose throughout the cycle to keep blood levels stable. This will lead to less sides. Also the test won't actually kick in until around week 4.

    Try to take a few days off and ice/heat the area. I get it in my forearms and this usually works for me.

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