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Thread: ot cycle?

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    ot cycle?

    Hey everybody, im a newbie here. I wanted to see if anybody can give me some good advice on oral turanibol. Or point me in the right direction b/c this is supposed to be a heavily studied steriod & keep running into the same ol information whenever i google it....

    Ive been taking it for the past 4 weeks, 25mg/2 times day, and am very pleased w/ 10lbs gain & strength gains.... How long am i supposed to take a break from it until continuing again??? I need to know more information on cycling this... any help apperciated!

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    if you go to the profile form you can read all about it. but just so you know oral by it's self is not a cycle.

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    UUmmmmmmmm............ I think you are suppose to research than cycle not the other way...................JMO

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    lots of good information here at the drug profile part from here on this site, but doesnt tell me much about soely using this alone and these guys are olympians i dont want to compare results to them, jus want some advice on cycling off of this. Somebody must have additional information

    how long should i take a break from this before continuing again???
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