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    Prop During Superdrol Cycle

    I'm currently in week 2 of a Superdrol cycle that looks like this:
    Week 1: 20mg
    Week 2: 30mg
    Week 3: 30mg
    Week 4: 30mg
    I was wondering if Superdrol shuts down natural test production. If so, what do you guys think about adding some low dose prop to make up for the lack of test production. I'm talking about maybe 30 to 50mg per day. Also, if I add test to the cycle does my PCT have to change. Right now it looks like this:
    Clomid: 300mg (Day 1) 100mg (Day 2-14) 50mg (Day 15-28)
    Nolva: 40mg (Day 1-14) 20mg (Day 15-28)

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    Not a bad idea, SD will shut you down for sure.

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