Hey Guys
After researching for a few months (still in the process) This is what I came up with…
I am prone to MPB (going bald) and also gyno so taking all the necessary auxiliary drugs is important. Here is what I came up with.. at the bottom I got questions

Week 1 – 12: 500mg/week Test Enanthate
Week 1 – 12 .50mg ED Letro (increase up to 1.25mg if needed)
Week 1 – 12 Durastride (Recommended Dose)
Week 6 – 12 50mg Ed Wistrol
Week 5 – 13 Liver52 ED (Recommended Dose)
Gyno symptoms - 20mg Ed of Nolvadex until problem subside


Week 12 (Saturday) – 3000IU HCG
Week 13 (Thursday; 5 days later) – 3000IU
Week 14 (Tuesday; 5 days later) – 1500IU
Week 15 (Monday; 6 days later) – 1500IU (last Shot)

Clomid – Week 14.5 (Wednesday) – Week 18.5 (4 Weeks)
Week 14.5 – 150mg per day
Week 15 – 150mg per day
Week 16 – 100mg per day
Week 17 – 100mg per day
Week 18.5 – 100mg per day (Last dose on Wednesday)


Nolvadex – Week 14.5 (Wednesday) – Week 18.5 (4 Weeks)
Week 14.5 – 50mg per day
Week 15 – 40mg per day
Week 16 – 25mg per day
Week 17 – 20mg per day
Week 18.5 – 20mg per day (Last dose on Wednesday)

What do you recommend for PCT? Nolva or CLomid?
Are my HCG shots allright (dosage and timing)? I read BIG CAT’s profiles on lotta these compounds when making this

Does my PCT look okay?
I am not sure but I seen people start clomid for 2 weeks and then start there cycle of test-e
Should I start like that? If so how much clomid and when?

I just wanna get this correct before I start.
I will also be taking multi-vitamin, BCAA, Glutamin, protein
I am gonna make a work out plan and diet plan before I start but this is my mail concern.

I am defenatly gonna start with this as my first cycle just gotta make sure every thing is inline..

Oh yea! my stats
170 Pounds
15-17% BF (yes i will reduce the BF before i start, i still got 3 more months to research)
been lifting for about 1.5 years
22 (almost 23)
Max bench is about 260 Pounds (tring to get 300 naturally)
dead lift 260 x 6 reps max
squat 260 x 4 max

Thank you