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    Will finasteride work is rogaine works?

    Hi all.

    My balding is reverse of most ppl. I bald when not on steroids , and then when im steroids the balding stops and the hair grows back. ust be a progesterone thing... Anyways, ive decided to stop using roids all together, and sure enough im losing hair like no other. shedding like a fool.

    Anyways I began using rogaine several months ago and my hair is much thicker today, much much thicker. But rogaine is a hassle to put on because the hair stays oily for so long afterwards...

    So my question is if rogaine works then is finasteride most likely to work? ALso, if I were to switch, would I need a break-in period with the finastride or will that already be acomplished since im already on rogaine?


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    hair loss

    As far as your question goes, yes propecia has been found to be even more effective for hair loss prevention than rogaine. It should work for you, and pretty much everyone with some rare exceptions.

    I know the rogaine is inconvenient, however the maximum benefit against hair loss is to use both rogaine and propecia. There are also studies showing that using Nizoral shampoo a few times a week helps prevent hair loss as well.

    I have been on all three for a few years now and it has slowed down my hair loss.

    If you do not get the reduced hair loss with that regimen, the next step is to switch from propecia to avodart. It blocks a higher percentage of DHT then propecia.

    PM me if you'd like some web site addresses that sell all of the above.

    ps I wish roids made me grow more hair, you are lucky !
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