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    Friends problem...Arm turning red...

    My friend I know from the gym just started deca . He is into his second week. Well early this week, he took his 2nd injection into his shoulder. Day after his shot his shoulder begin to turn real red. Four days later, the redness is running down his arm. Arm is swelling some. Figers are num at times. He went to the doctor but didn't get much news. Doc just told him to quit it and that it might be serious. Also put him on 4 types of mediciation. I've never heard of anything like this. Just wonder if anyone else has. The doctor told him it has something to do with the deca. Its quality vet deca. Anyone ever had this happen to them?

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    Good god

    How experienced is this guy, he never should have taken the shot in the deltoids. that is just a disaster waiting to happen. did he inject properly? Ive never heard of sucha thing, but that is frightening to me. He should have been injecting into his ass.

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    I ve injected into my shoulder over 100 times with no problems, sounds more like an infection to me.

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    definitely sounds like an infection. hopefully he got some antibiotics and will be keeping an eye on that shit.

    either he's got bunk gear, or he ****ed up his injection big time

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    I've seen it before, not a infection but an allergic reaction. JMO opinion though.

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