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    Can you up the doseage as cycle progresses

    My last cycle I ran sustanon 250 at 660mg week( .75cc's eod) and EQ at 400 I plan on running deca and ethanate this cycle with anadrol .
    I thought my sustanon were underdosed. I would like to run the ethanate at 500 and deca at 400, but I am not sure if 500 will be enough. Instead of starting out at 750mgs, can I just increase it if I need too. I guess I just dont want to start off at 750 if I dont need too.

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    why not do 250 mg e3d (every 3rd day - so it's sunday, then wednesday, then saturday, then tuesday, then friday, etc.). that puts you basically 1000 mg just under a 2 week period. or you could do 312.5 mg e3d (1.25 cc) which will put you little over the 1500 mark for a 2 week period.

    or just make your "weeks" 8 days long - you'd have to write the shit out to get it all straight, but that's what i used to do to keep things as even as possible - easier to divide an even number than it is an odd number.

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