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    Starting another cycle one month after last

    I have a friend who did his first cycle of sustanon , dbol (beg) winstrol (end).
    He made great gains and is currently in his second week of clomid. My concern is he wants to start again when I do on january 1. He will just be finshing up his clomid. He quit taking test about one month before starting clomid and ran winny up until pct.
    He is in his 40's and their is no changing his mind.
    Thus this cycle he is going to run d bol, sustanon, and deca . WIll he be alright taking the same amount test (500) or will he have to up his dose. plus can he get away with a lower dose than 400 for deca or is it a waste of time.
    He seems to have recovered so far as he still has a sex drive but what do you think.

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    let him be an idiot then

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