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    reccomend a cycle

    anybody reccomend a bulking a cycle what juice ,what lab to get

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    Test enanthate from iran (2 shots a week for 10 weeks). dianabol from russia (30mgs a day for 4 weeks). Thats what im doing so its just my opinion but alot of time and consideration went into my cycle. Also depends on how many cycles uve done in the past. This is my first.

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    So join the Army, got to Iraq where you can get cheap Iranian Test e and................ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!?!?! While the cycle is a good one, you have no clue who you are speaking with and what his stats are and how vulnerable he will be to what he thinks is expert advice (1 cycle doesn't make you an expert). Not flaming you kid, but you need to be generic and let these people find out somethings for themselves otherwise they rush into things and inherently **** it up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dzljay
    anybody reccomend a bulking a cycle what juice ,what lab to get
    Any previous cycle history????

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    i recomend 2 do alote of reasearch 2 educate ur self & know benifits & risks of roids so u can pick a cycle that meets ur goals

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