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    cellulitis infection

    K im pretty sure i got a small case of cellulitis on my ass...haha. well...2 weeks ago, in my quad it was like this, but WAY MORE painful. went away in 12-13 days. So im gonna take ibeprofen 600mg as an anti inflamatory, and maybe get some benadryl (anyone kno anything good)...and watch if it spreads, so far it hasnt spread, but its not going away and its VERY irritating..weird thread, but just want to kno if benadryl will help a lil, and what kind should i look for...AND what usually causes this during injection process.

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    You cant fuk around with this. My mom went to the emergency room and the doctor said that if she did not she could have died. The only reason she went was because my sister broke her ankle and my mom casually showed the doctor on a side note.

    The doctor told her to draw a border around the perimeter of the irritation. If it exceeds the border, he told her she had to go back in. I dont remember if he initially gave her antibiotics

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