Well, I have listened to alot of advice here, and I found a new source, a real good one it seems. I will get 12 weeks of Test E @ 500mg and 10 weeks of Deca @ 400mg, I have also told him I wanted to get nolva for the whole time to be sure, that is 20mg for each day 1-12, and then for the pct. I also told that I wanted HCG and it was no problem, now I just want to know more about the HCG dosage and if I should order some clomid also, but clomid was kinda expensive. So is it necessary or should I maybe try to get some other stuff from him?

My last question is what I can take to prevent hairloss even though deca is in this cycle? Maybe some link were I can order it from would also be nice. Thank's for all advice in the past, if everything works out I will start in january and I will probably post some before pics and after it's always fun to hear opinions and share the gains. This is my first real cycle and I wanted to do a proper one, and see good gains and not feel that I could have done it different afterwards.