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Thread: few questions

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    few questions

    whats up bros, few questoins here:
    im 5 11 220 around 13% bf, 21 years old, done 4-5 cycles
    currently 5 weeks into cycle of all bd gear )

    weeks 1-15 400mgs eq
    weeks 1-6 40mgs d bol
    weeks 3-13 750 mgs test e (got test late so i didnt start it week 1)
    weeks 9-14 tbol 40 or 50 mgs
    weeks 14-17 prop 150 mgs eod
    10 mgs nov ed

    i have put on around 15lbs so far at week 5, feeling tired though is that normal?i have heard some people are lethagic on test, also would going to 1000mgs of test e make a noticeable difference? im eating pretty good , need more protein, right now getting around 250 grams a day, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated

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    i think your cycle sounds good as is, no need to up the test, but it might be a good idea to up the nolva. also, it is very common to get tired while on cycle, which is annoying cause i find that i cant sleep much while on cycle either.

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