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    I just dont understand

    I have been asking this the following what is AR perspective....

    The more I think of the so-called of cycle period the less it makes since; especially with my cycles.
    I usually stay 8 weeks, short esters only, on and take 6-8 weeks of. Of all the literature that I've come across, HPTA restoration does not fully (maybe partially I doubt more than 33%) happen within such time frame.

    I posted a thread on H C G a day or two back here is what I am planning on doing for the next 8 weeks all comments are greatly appreciated

    Off cycle

    ------***---------clomid------slin---------IGF-1-------------diana--------DNP -----

    1----1000ED----150ED----10ius post-----------------------20mg ed------200mg---

    2----1000ED----100ED----10ius post-----------------------20mg ed------200mg---

    3----1000ED----50ED------10ius post---50mcg ED-------20mg ed------200mg---

    4----1000ED-----------------10ius post---50mcg ED-------20mg ed------200mg---

    5----1000ED-----------------10ius post----50mcg ED-------20mg ed------200mg---

    6----1000ED-----------------10ius post---50mcg ED-------20mg ed------200mg---

    7----1000ED-----------------10ius post-----------------------20mg ed------200mg---

    8----1000ED-----------------10ius post-----------------------20mg ed------200mg---
    EPO standing by although I have been taking .5cc of B-12 ED

    20mg nolv ED and .5mg ara ED
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