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    Advice sought for second cycle

    45 yo guy here...6'2" 210 14% bf. In mid 2005, did an aggressive 4+ month cycle of test enanthate , deca , hgh, and anavar --all provided by an anti-aging clinic advertised on this site. Was blown away by the great results, especially since I'd been lifting for only a few months before the cycle began. Would now like to plan a second cycle. Am hoping for similar results for much less $. Any suggestions would be appreciated--especially ideas for less costly alternatives to hgh and anavar. Would want to continue deca, since it really helped alleviate joint strain. Thanks...

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    hell,you already did a more experienced cycle,everything else is gonna show less gains most likely
    your 1st cycle is always the best and you alraedy did gh,deca ,test,var...dont know what doses you took but i imagine not too high considering where you got it from.if i were you id run the same cyle,up the the dose a bit ,train and eat like there are no tomorrow and grow

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    sustanon , deca , d-bol, maybe some tren . you'll pay a fraction of what you paid for the growth alone, and you'll get great results.

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