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Thread: The ol' kidneys

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    The ol' kidneys

    About 5 or 6 weeks ago I finished a 1 week cycle of deca +test, I ran them together 11 wks, and test e by itself for the final 3. Last Wed., I came down with the flu. On Saturday, I started having severe kidney pains in my right kidney, that have not ceased, If I got to the hospital is the juice gonna show up and all of that, and if so, what is the consequence? I also have a family history of chronic kidney stones, so I've been playing it off as that so far.

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    Test and deca won't cause direct stress to the kidneys. You may not be drinking enough water, which is a necessity for high protein diets too. Are you taking outrageous dosages of any vitamin/mineral?

    It doesn't matter if the AASs "show up" or not, you got to get checked out if you are having trouble.

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    If you think it's kidney stones get some cranberry juice and perhaps some cranberry extract. My grandpa get's them often and aside from drinking gallons of cranberry juice he's now using the cranberry extract pills year round and dosen't get them as often. He's also drinking lot's more water.

    As for the deca and test showing up, they don't test for AAS for a doctors visit.

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    even if a doc did test-he doesn't have shit to say about what you do or don't do. get your bloodwork done. also drink some cranberry juice.

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    Well yes ANY type of steroid puts stress on the kidneys!!!

    I would lead more towards the kidney stone thought but you should check it out.

    Cranberry and up the watter intake for sure!!! still get it checked though

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    Cranberry extract and suma root. Lot's of water. If you are hurting then you'd be a fool not to at least consult a physician over the phone (at the very least). If it's bareable, drink like a fish with cranberry extract for a few days and see if it doesn't go away.

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    Eating watermelon and drinking watermelon seed tea can help to break up stones.

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