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    Clen / T-3 Comp. Cycle

    Need some help yet with this: trying to get a handle on the right combination.

    t-3 should be ran 50-100 mcg 5 days on 5 days off? Broken up through out the day. 8-10 weeks ok?

    Clen start with 25mcg/ day - ramp up tp 100mcg/ed
    how long do I hold it at 100mcg?
    2 weeks on 2 weeks off? Do I ramp up each time? Do I taper down?

    Here is the rest of My cycle plans.
    B.T. Competition Cycle

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    T3 dosage is dependant upon the individual, and their response to it. Start at a low dosage, and ramp up. Also, 5on/5off is foolish. I would personally just run a low-moderate dosage whilst on the clen . Monitor your BBT to aid in adjusting your approx. optimal dosage... you want to be in the mid-high 98's..

    For the clen, I would also start at a low dosage and ramp up to a suitable dosage (again, dependant on the individual), but I wouldn't run it 2wkson/2off.... read the Clen profile in the Profiles forum here. Read up about the usage of Ketotifen/Benadryl particularly. If it were me, I'd cease usage after 6wks...

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