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Thread: DBOL question

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    DBOL question

    Hey what's up guys. I just want to ask a question? My first time taking dbol , i am takin 5 a day. I think My testicles are getting a little smaller then usuall. I think it's normal when you are on dbol. I'm not using clomid untill i finish my sus shots though, which will be in like 7 weeks. Will this be bad for me that my testicles are shrinking? like if i don't take anything for it, can it hurt me? is that a sign that the dbol is real? please answer. Also, will it go back to normal, and will this effect me in any way? thanks

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    usual for nads to look like raisonettes
    if they start dancing and singing a california raison song worry-- other than that they will come back after clomid therapy(you know to wait 3 weeks after last sus shot to start clomid)
    and yes it must be real

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    if they start dancing and singing a california raison song worry

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