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    How much liquid Reforvit B a day?

    Im seeing it says 25mg/ml on the bottle and I was reading through some old threads and it said inject it 4 times a day, totally about 100mg a day. Isn't that a tad much of dBol per day? If I was taking the tabs, Id only want to take 30-40mg a day, how much does this translate into injectable Reforvit B form? I'll also be drinking it btw...

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    drink it, or put it in gel caps (friend of mine did this) also take like .25 a cc 5 or 6 time s a day

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    bro drink it dont inject its very dirty.
    put 1/2 cc in a glass of pepsi 2,3 or up to 4 times a day totaling 2 ccs or 50mg
    results will be just as good as injecting without pins every day
    it tastes like shit thats why mix it with pepsi---small amout in glass,drink,pour more in glass,drink again
    king samson gained 20lbs on drinking it

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    Yup, just like the bro's said, split it up and drink it, 1/2 cc 4 times a day is good.

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    RE: Ref-b inj.

    I may get flamed but I've said it before, I inj., have been for over three years in almost every cycle I've done. 3cc's a day. I will honestly admit I have also done the oral route 2cc's split 4X's a day and it seemed like the oral may have had more of an impact on me. My blood pressure would spike more and I would get nose bleeds from the oral dosing. It doesn't make any sence to me but I get less negative sides from injecting, even when doing 3cc's versus 2 orally.


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