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    Smile what is the right way to run " PCT '' ?

    can anyone help.... please tell me the right way to run ''PCT''..? ?

    I'm 35years old asian, 5'8'' 210LB-now, 33weist, I'm in my #14week right now, and in two more weeks I will finish my 16weeks sus-250 cycle. I take 250mg per week, half-cc monday, and half-cc thusday. it is a very low dose cycle and I gain 12LB, I feel good, no water weight and not much fat, and I did not get any side, my muscle got biger and harder.

    I use 3 cycle of deca and test -C when I was 20years old, and this is the first time cycle in 15years.

    I have 300pc clom, 200pc nolvdex and HCG , it will be nice if some one can help......thanks
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    18 days after the last injection run PCT for a minimumof 30 days

    Day 1 - 30 100mg Clomid / 20mg Nolva

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