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    Sustanon 250 @250mg/week

    I started a cycle of sustanon for about 3 weeks now. Havent noticed any gyno.....or anything like that. I dont have any clomid or nolvadex or anything for PCT. Is this going to be a problem since i am taking such a low dose? Ive read for larger doses it is necessary to have some post cycle therapy on hand but for low doses things bounce back relatively quickley. Thanks for the info. guys.

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    Its always in your best interest to run PCT after a cycle and have nolva onhand incase of gyno signs.
    It prob would have also been better for you to run a single estered test your first cycle since sus is used best at EOD.

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    Whoever said low dose cycles allow you to recover faster is full of shit IMO. High or low they both shut you down, the only thing you can do to change how long it take is adjust the length of your cycle, not the doses. You should have anti e on hand for gyno, but I don't use it unless needed.

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    Run clomid 3weeks after the last shot for PCT
    Day 1 - 3 : 100mg
    Day 4 - 21: 50mg

    Please get clomid now!!
    The next time you start a cycle
    pls make sure you have all the
    required stuff at hand.
    Better safe than sorry.

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