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    Question Anyway of stopping/preventing DECA GYNO?

    I know this is a worn subject, but I wanted some fresh opinions!

    Will Winny help?

    Will Proviron help? (heard that deca also converts to estrogen too, is that true?)

    Thanks alot guys! Sleazy

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    Pretty much all that needs to be said has already been said, a good search will bring you more than you want to know!

    There is some thought that winny can actually encourage deca gyno rather than prevent it and it does NOT cure it!

    Proviron :
    Deca converts to estrogen to some extent I think, but the gyno damage is progesteron related, not estrogen. An anti-e will have no effect on progesteron based gyno at all.

    For much more detail on this subject I would sugest a search. A whole heap of stuff has been posted about this.

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